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Many mask manufacturers offer off the shelf corrective lenses that provide a cost effective way to upgrade your mask lenses with minus, plus and bifocal prescription lenses. For most divers and snorkellers these lenses offer a close enough correction for them to fully enjoy their diving or snorkelling but the lenses do have limitations.

The lenses are only available in set increments and in a certain correction range, for example most minus corrective lenses come in 0.5 dioptre increments between -1.0 and -8.0. It is similar for plus and bifocal lenses. The other problem is that they do not cater for astigmatism correction represented by the cylinder value in your prescription. Your eyes can only compensate for a small correction so if you have a large cylinder value your vision may still be distorted and blurred.

To help combat these issues we now offer a bespoke prescription lens service that will result in lenses being ground to your exact prescription by our specialist optical partner. This service can be used for nearly all twin lens masks. Lenses are typically available with spherical corrections of + or - 10 and up to 4.00 cylinder correction. If you have a prescription outside of this range please contact us for further information, assessment and quotation.

Please note that as this is a bespoke service and the lenses are made specifically for you to your exact prescription we are unable to offer refunds should you change your mind once the manufacturing process has begun. Delivery times can be up to 28 days during busy times of the year. Mask not included.


If you change your mind, it doesn’t fit, or you become inflicted with buyer’s regret - that's OK!

Mike's Dive Store offer an extended returns policy of 30 days - so you can be rest assured if the suit, piece of diving equipment or gift doesn't suit then just send it back and we will either exchange it or offer a full refund less any postage costs. Too easy!

Please note that there are some special order items on our website that will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee but we will let you know about these items before we special order them so that you are aware of this. If this is the case we can always help with correct sizing so that we minimise the risk of return.

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